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Facts about beach erosion and
the new Coastal Lands Program at DLNR

Beach loss at hardened shoreline in Waimanalo, Oahu.
What is Beach Loss?

Nearly 25% (17 miles) of Oahu's beaches have been lost or significantly narrowed since early this century, with greater losses reported on the island of Maui. Any shore with a sandy beach is susceptible to beach loss from erosion.

These losses occurred where beaches were starved for sand in front of seawalls and other shoreline structures designed to protect buildings and coastal lands. Building walls is known as "hardening" the shoreline.

Seawalls, and sloping walls called revetments, stop erosion of coastal lands but they refocus the erosion onto the beach. This causes beach erosion and, eventually, beach loss.

Beach Fact: Since 1964 the State of Florida Beach Erosion Control Program has restored 112 miles of critically eroding beach.


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