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Hawaii is well known for its mild subtropical weather. Less known is the fact that Hawaii has climates which rival the harshest places on earth. From alpine snow to desert-like sand, America's 50th State has it all. It is here that Hawaii's forests are born.

This web site has been created by the Hawaii Forestry and Communities Initiative, Na Hoa Mahi`ai, to help those interested in Hawaii's forests learn more. Our forests present endless opportunities for both residents and visitors. For residents, Hawaii's forests offer employment, recreation, and resources. Water, wildlife, and wood are just a few of the products that may be found in a Hawaiian forest. Perhaps less obvious, but just as important, are the myriad of organisms which make up a forest ecosystem - insects, ferns, and mushrooms to name a few. Our forests also provide many with a cultural heritage and spiritual renewal that can be difficult to comprehend, much less quantify. For the visitor, we invite you to explore the wonders of Hawaii's magnificent and unique forests.

Healthy forests are a goal for all of us in Hawaii. Learn how Hawaii's forests have changed since the arrival of humans, how management is the key to their survival, and how forests can create employment for many.

Maintaining diverse species can help a forest survive. Hawaii's forests are unique in that many of our native species are found no where else in the world. This page will inform you about some of the plants that are native to Hawaii, and some that have been introduced.

Hawaii's forests can be very productive. Our year round growth cycles, favorable climates, and resourceful workers can stretch a small amount of forest resources into significant economic benefits. Search this page to learn more about Hawaii's productivity.

You can now download a copy of our Market Research on Commodity Wood Products Report at this page. Download Page.

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