productive forests



Hawaii's forests can be very productive. According to a 1991 University of Hawaii survey, the state's forest industry generated over $29,000,000 in revenues; at least 800 jobs; an annual payroll exceeding $21,000,000; and an average hourly wage of $14.00 per hour.

wooden bowlsThis may seem small in comparison with other areas of the world such as the Pacific Northwest, South America, or New Zealand. What makes Hawaii's productivity unique, however, is its "value adding".

By using a raw material such as wood, and by processing it to its highest level of value, a small amount of resource can result in tremendous benefits. To produce the benefits of Hawaii's forest industry, for example, only 600 acres of land are needed. Much of this value comes from using native trees, such as koa, found only in Hawaii. By using native species for local economy, Hawaii's special environment is protected, and future generations are cared for.

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Photo by Rick Noyle