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History: The State Historic Preservation Division officially became a division of the Department of Land and Natural Resources in 1990. Prior to this date, SHPD's functions were managed by the State Parks Division of DLNR. blue ball graphic, link to SHPD's organizational chartView SHPD's Organizational Chart.

Function: The State Historic Preservation Division is responsible for implementing the blue ball graphic, link to National Historic Preservation Act of 1966National Historic Preservation Act of 1966 as amended, blue ball graphic, link to Chapter 6E of the Hawaii Revised  StatutesChapter 6E of the Hawai`i Revised Statutes (HRS) and supports other laws pertaining to Historic Preservation in the islands. blue ball graphic, link to other statutes pertaining to SHPDSee the full set of HRS relative to SHPD.

Administrator:Pua Aiu

Branches: Archaeology, Architecture, History & Culture

Staff size: 19 (18 professional, 1 clerical) a basic core of SHPD employees are required to meet minimum federal staff requirements: a graduate degree in their area of expertise or closely related field, or in the case of architecture, a professional license. The division's professional staff includes members with Master's or Doctoral degrees in architecture, history, anthropology, communication, law and other closely related fields.

Programs: Regulatory Protection of Historic Properties/Review Process, Inter-agency Archeological Services, Historic Preserves, State Inventory of Historic Places, Hawai`i and National Register of Historic Places, Hawai`i Main Street Program, Burials Program, Public Information and Education, Certified Local Government.

Offices: SHPD currently occupies Suite 555 of the Kakuhihewa Building, 601 Kamokila Blvd., Kapolei, Hawai`i, 96707. Field offices are currently established on the islands of blue ball graphic, link to SHPD contact pageMaui, Kaua`i and on Hawai`i Island.

Sites in Hawai`i Inventory: 38,000

Average number of project reviews received monthly: 180


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