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A selection of SHPD's program brochuresThe division, on a daily basis, provides the public and governmental agencies with technical information and assistance relating to historic preservation programs and processes.

In addition, as staff time and funding allows, the division strives to make information on the historic properties, history, and culture of Hawai`i available to the public.

Schedules permitting, staff members make presentations on topics relating to historic preservation in their area of expertise and on related topics. The majority of such presentations are made to school classes. However, invitations to speak from a wide variety of organizations are honored when possible.

Staff members actively participate in workshops, seminars and conferences on a variety of topics (i.e. Stone Wall-building, Cultural Landscapes, Community-Based Planning, Hawaiian Archaeology). SHPD staff members help plan the annual Hawai`i Archaeology Week celebration and the office participates in National Historic Preservation Week events such as Capital Day Down Capitol Way, and the blue ball graphic, link to  Historic Hawaii Foundation homepageHistoric Hawai`i Foundation (HHF) "preservation" conference held annually in May. For information about HHF's conferences, send e-mail inquiries to blue ball graphic, link to e-mail for Historic Hawaii Foundation or call (808) 523-2900.

A blue ball graphic, link to  SHPD's archive of historic calendarsHistoric Preservation Calendar is published annually and distributed to local public schools. Other publications include studies relating to architectural, cultural and archaeological sites, as well as a variety of program related brochures.

blue ball graphic, link to  Pulama pagePulama, a series of preservation videos directed for television broadcast. Videos produced by the division include walking tours of two Hawai`i Island properties, Hulihe`e Palace in Kona and Lyman Mission House in Hilo. In 2003, SHPD completed Na Iwi Kupuna (The Bones of our Ancestors, 31:19) a video exploring the cultural significance of native Hawaiian burials. Click on the link to visit the blue ball graphic, link to companion site for Na Iwi Kupuna videocompanion web site for this newly released video on SHPD's Burial Sites Program. Copies of the video are available on VHS (Closed Captioned) and on DVD for loan or for a nominal charge of $7.00 (postage extra).

Publications available for sale via SHPD include:

blue ball graphic, link to  Fruitful Fields pageFruitful Fields, a detailed look at American missionary churches in Hawai`i. Hardcover, B&W sepia, 154 pages. Cost: $39.95 ($6.00 domestic shipping, international shipping slightly more).
blue ball graphic, link to Hamakua Report page Hamakua Regional Synthesis, an archaeological report on the cultural assets found in the Hamakua district of Hawai`i Island. Paperback, 146 pages, B&W. Cost: $9.00 ($6.00 domestic shipping, international shipping slightly more).
blue ball graphicDLNR's current blue ball graphic, link to  current SHPD calendarHistoric Preservation Calendar, 12 months of historically significant sites with an insightful introduction on the calendar theme. Cost: $8.00 ea. (plus $3.00 domestic shipping, international shipping slightly more). Limited quantities of past calendars are also available for sale.

Send checks, payable to the Historic Preservation Special Fund, to SHPD, P.O. Box 621, Honolulu, Hawai`i 96809.  Please indicate publication and quantity desired. SHPD's publications can also be purchased at DLNR's One-Stop-Shop at the Kalanimoku Building, 1st floor, Room 130, 1151 Punchbowl Street, O`ahu, Ph: 587-0355.

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