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Pulama (to cherish) is SHPD's series of historic preservation videos produced for broadcast televison. VHS tapes are available for loan. Call SHPD at (808) 692-8035 for information or e-mail graphic, link to SHPD architecture branche-mail requests to the webmaster.

blue ball graphicPulama: Hulihe`e Palace, Treasure of the Hawaiian Kingdom (TRT 19:04) a video walking tour of Hulihe`e Palace which traces the colorful history of this structure. Hulihe`e was owned by many of Hawai`i’s most powerful and influential ali`i, including Princess Ruth, King Kalakaua and Bernice Pauahi Bishop. Exhibited within the Palace are many personal effects, furniture and mementos of these ali`i dating back to the time of Kamehameha the Great. Copyright, State Historic Preservation Division, 1996.

blue ball graphicPulama: The Lyman Mission House (TRT 29:50) a video walking tour of the Lyman Mission House in Hilo. The historic background of the Reverend David and Sarah Lyman, from their first meeting to their passing is provided. Rare photographs and passages from journals (Sarah's and Henry's) are used to punctuate video of the house interior and its furnishings. Copyright, State Historic Preservation Division, 1995.

blue ball graphicPulama: The Waikiki Memorial Natatorium (TRT 4:21) a retrospective on the history of the Waikiki Natatorium, why it was built, inspiration for its design, history of poor maintenance and the controversy surrounding its preservation. Copyright, State Historic Preservation Division, 1994.

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