Since 2005, the MFBRP has focused much of our research on the Maui Parrotbill (Pseudonestor xanthophrys). With a single population left in the wild (502 +116) and only a small captive flock, the Maui Parrotbill is at a high risk of extinction. Our research focuses on the mechanisms of Maui Parrotbill survival and productivity. To this end, we hope to isolate limiting factors for the survival of adults and young birds as well as for nest success in order to better help the Maui Parrotbill endure into the future.

Our recovery program goals are to:

What we need to know:

To meet these goals we are currently:

At what age do Maui Parrotbill first breed? What proportion of the population is breeding? What is their breeding lifespan? What is their recruitment rate? What is their egg fertility? Is their annual variation in productivity?

500 birds is barely a viable population and vulnerable to extinction from stochastic and demographic events

Maui Parrotbill Recovery Team 2007

(l-r) top - Josh VanDeMark, Kirsty Swinnerton, Julie Garvin

bottom – Tony Chen, Hanna Mounce, Mary Chambers, Jim Howard and Ruby Hammond

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