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Gifts will advance research, development, and the application of conservation techniques in response to the decline of Maui's endemic forest birds. Gifts may also be used to support public outreach, education, and the provision of equipment, training and volunteer programs as they relate to the recovery of Maui's endemic forest birds.







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For your added convenience, contributions of any size can be made easily and quickly by credit card through our online gift form provided by the University of Hawaii Foundation Online gifts will be confirmed via email shortly after they are received. In addition, a letter of acknowledgement from the University of Hawaii Foundation will be sent as a receipt for your donation to the Maui Forest Bird Recovery Project Fund. This letter may also be submitted to the IRS for an auditable tax deduction.

Other Gifts Help!

Additional and creative gift-giving opportunities can also be made with the assistance of the University of Hawaii Foundation. Securities, pledges, non-cash gifts such as equipment and real property, gifts with annuities, and gifts in trust are just some of the ways in which you can make a contribution.

Due to the strong UV and precipitation at Po'ouli camp and intensive use in the past few years, we need to repair the boardwalk system around the cabin to reduce the impact to the surrounding habitat. We need your help for these building materials:

10' 2''x6'', 10' 2"x8", 10' 2"x4" treated lumber, 3" wood screws, 3 1/2"x1/4" lag bolts.

Many mahalos!!

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