Kirsty Swinnerton, PhD

Past Project Coordinator


PhD. University of Kent, Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology

B.S. University College of Wales, Dept. of Zoology


Kirsty was the MFBRP Project Coordinator from 2003-2007.











Julie Garvin, PhD.
Senior Avian Conservation Research Specialist

PhD. 2006 University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee Dept of Biology

B.Sc. 2000 University of California-Davis Dept. of Biology
Julie joined the MFBRP in October 2006





Hanna Mounce
Avian Conservation Research Facilitator
B.Sc. 2003 Humboldt State University Dept. of Wildlife
Hanna has been with the MFBRP since January 2006






Ruby Hammond
Ornithological Research Assistant
B.Sc. 2003 Middle Tennessee State University
Ruby joined the MFBRP in January 2007







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