Child Support Guidelines

State law requires the Family Court, the Child Support Enforcement Agency, and the Office of Child Support Hearings to follow these guidelines in all cases involving child support unless there are "exceptional circumstances."

To calculate child support, one must first read the Family Court's November 1, 1998 Child Support Guidelines (1).  One may then use the automatic Child Support Guidelines Calculations Worksheet (2).  Other forms and tables at (3) to (7), which may or may not apply in a particular case, are included.


November 1, 1998 Hawai`i Family Court Child Support Guidelines


 Child Support Guidelines Calculations Worksheet and 


Worksheet Instructions


3  Simplified Child Support Guidelines Worksheet (ATTACHMENT A-1)
4  Simplified Child Support Calculations Table (ATTACHMENT A-2) 

1998 Child Support Guidelines  Income Table      (ATTACHMENT B-2)

6 Child Support Guidelines Worksheet for Joint Custody/Extensive Visitation (ATTACHMENT C)
7 Exceptional Circumstance Form (ATTACHMENT D)