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Bankruptcy Reference Guide

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This reference guide identifies selected sources on bankruptcy. Resources listed in this guide are available at all of the court libraries in the Hawai‘i State Law Library System, unless otherwise noted. This finding aid is not exhaustive, and is meant to be used as a starting point for research on this topic.

Notes: The information in brackets [ ] indicates the call number. SCLL=Supreme Court Law Library on O‘ahu, 2d=Maui, 3d=Hilo, K=Kona, 5th=Kaua‘i
The Library staff is prohibited by law from giving legal advice. Please consult an attorney if you need such services.

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Primary Sources


  1. Herzog, Asa Shaffer. Herzog's bankruptcy forms and practice, 9th ed.. Clark Boardman Callaghan 1991-1996; West Group, 1997+.
    [KF1527 H45]
    Available at: SCLL
    Includes different bankruptcy forms and practice information.

  2. King, Lawrence P. Collier bankruptcy practice guide. Matthew Bender, 1981+.
    [KF1524 C75]
    Available at: SCLL
    Extension information on various bankruptcy proceedings and includes cases and bankruptcy rules.

  3. Lee, Joe. Consumer bankruptcy handbook with forms. Thomson Reuters, 2010.
    [KF1524 L51]
    Available at: SCLL
    Provides Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy practice simplified.

  4. Pernick, Norman L. Bankruptcy deadline checklist and 1 CD, 4th ed.. American Bar Association, 2009.
    [KF1527 P41 2009]
    Available at: SCLL
    An easy to use reference for case management and administration.


  1. U. S. District Court. Hawaii local rules for the Bankruptcy Court of the District of Hawaii, effective January 16, 1987.
    [RefRm KF1527 A4 H31 1987]
    Available at: SCLL

  2. Hawai`i court rules, state and federal. West Pub. Co., 1989+.
    [DESK KFH529 W52]

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Secondary Sources


  1. American jurisprudence 2d.
    [KF154 A42]
    Subject Heading: Bankruptcy

  2. Gale encyclopedia of everyday law, 2d ed.
    [REF KF387 G13]
    Available at: SCLL
    [New electronic version available through Hawaii State Public Library System’s “Gale Virtual Reference Library”]
    Subject Heading: Bankruptcy

  3. West's encyclopedia of American law. Thomson/Gale, 2005. 2d ed.
    [KF 154 W52]
    Available at: SCLL
    Subject Heading: Bankruptcy

  4. Federal procedure, Lawyers Edition
    [KF8835 F43 v. 5 & 5A]
    Available at: SCLL, Maui, Hawaii, Kauai
    A problem solving textual analysis of federal judicial and administrative procedure.


  1. Bruce Bigelow, et al. Extraordinary collection procedures and bankruptcy practice in Hawaii. National Business Institute, 1992 . 2 v.
    [KFH221 E98 1992]
    Available at: SCLL, Maui, Kauai

  2. Fundamentals of bankruptcy law and procedure in Hawaii. National Business Institute, 1996. 223 p.
    [KFH221 F96 1996]
    Available at: SCLL

  3. Fundamentals of bankruptcy law & procedure in Hawaii. By Eric Chinn and Jerrold Guben. National Business Institute, 1993. 246 p.
    [KFH221 F96 1993]
    Available at: SCLL, Maui, Hawaii, Kauai

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Internet Resources

Disclaimer: The sites listed below have been found to be useful when conducting legal research on the Internet. The Hawaii State Law Library System has no control over these web sites and does not guarantee or assume any liability for the accuracy, relevance, currency, or completeness of the information.

  1. Federal rules of bankruptcy procedure
    Printed for the use of the Committee on the Judiciary, House of Representatives

  2. King County Law Library, Bankruptcy Guide

  3. Wisconsion State Law Library, Bankruptcy

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Law Reviews

  1. American Bankruptcy Institute Law Review. West Publishing.
    Available at: SCLL

  2. Motions practice in the bankruptcy court under the new local rules.
    IN: Hawaii Bar Journal, April 1995:14,16.
    Available at: SCLL

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Electronic Resources

These resources are available for public use at the Hawai‘i State Law Libraries at no charge. Printing is 15˘ per page.

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