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Foreclosure Reference Guide

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This reference guide identifies selected sources on foreclosure. Resources listed in this guide are available at all of the court libraries in the Hawai‘i State Law Library System, unless otherwise noted. This finding aid is not exhaustive, and is meant to be used as a starting point for research on this topic.

Notes: The information in brackets [ ] indicates the call number. SCLL=Supreme Court Law Library on O‘ahu, 2d=Maui, 3d=Hilo, K=Kona, 5th=Kaua‘i
The Library staff is prohibited by law from giving legal advice. Please consult an attorney if you need such services.

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Primary Sources (Laws, Ordinances, Rules, Cases)


  1. Chapter 667-Mortgage Foreclosures, in:
  2. Chapter 480E-Mortgage Rescue Fraud Prevention Act, in:


  1. Temporary Rules for Implementation of the Conversion Proceeding Established by Act 48 § 5 of the 2011 Hawaii Session Laws
    [RefRm KFH529.5 C66 A3 2011-2012]

Selected Forms:

  1. American Jurisprudence Legal Forms, 2d
    [KF170 A54]
    Subject Heading: Mortgages - Foreclosures

  2. American Jurisprudence Pleading and Practice Forms
    [KF8836 A45]
    Subject Heading: Mortgages - Foreclosures

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Secondary Sources


  1. American Jurisprudence, 2d
    [KF154 A42]
    Subject Heading: Mortgages

  2. Corpus Juris Secundum
    [KF154 C81]
    Subject Heading: Mortgages


  1. Effective Mortgage Foreclosures Techniques in Hawaii
    [RefRm KFH130.5 F6 E34 2003]

  2. Foreclosure and Repossession
    [RefRm KFH130.5 F6 F78 2008]
    Available at: SCLL

  3. Hawaii Real Estate Law Manual
    [RefRm KFH126 H33]
    See Chapter 32 - Default and Bankruptcy

  4. Mortgage Foreclosure Dispute Resolution Program (MFDR)
    [RefRm KFH130.5 F6 H38]

  5. Real Property Foreclosure: A step-by-step Workshop
    [RefRm KFH130.5 F6 F79 2010]
    Available at: SCLL

  1. Law of Distressed Real Estate
    [KF1542 D91]
    A treatise designed for clients involved in various types of real estate issues including foreclosures.
    Available at: SCLL

  2. Powell on Real Property
    [KF570 P87]
    A treatise dealing with real estate issues. See Chapter 37 for the section on foreclosures.
    Available at: SCLL, 2d, 5th

  3. Real Estate Financing
    [KF570 R22]
    A title that covers various aspects of real estate financing, including foreclosures (see chapter 10.)
    Available at: SCLL

Finding Aids/Indexes:

  1. Hawaii Digest
    [KFH57 H31]
    Topic:             Key Numbers:
    Mortgages       266k320-590, 650

  2. LegalTrac
    (Electronic periodical database)
    Search subject term: Foreclosure

  3. Hawai‘i CARD Network
    (Includes Hawai‘i State Law Libraries' holdings)
    Keyword: Foreclosure

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Agencies & Organizations

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Internet Resources

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Electronic Resources

These resources are available for public use at the Hawai‘i State Law Libraries at no charge. Printing is 15¢ per page.

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