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Legal Malpractice Reference Guide

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This reference guide identifies selected sources on legal malpractice. Resources listed in this guide are available at all of the court libraries in the Hawai‘i State Law Library System, unless otherwise noted. This finding aid is not exhaustive, and is meant to be used as a starting point for research on this topic.

Note: The information in brackets [ ] indicates the call number. SCLL=Supreme Court Law Library on O‘ahu, 2d=Maui, 3d=Hilo, K=Kona, 5th=Kaua‘i
The Library staff is prohibited by law from giving legal advice. Please consult an attorney if you need such services.

Primary Sources | Secondary Sources | Agencies & Organizations | Internet Resources | Electronic Resources

Primary Sources (Laws, Ordinances, Rules, Cases)


  1. ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct Annotated
    [RefRm KF305 A2c 2007]
    Available at: SCLL

  2. Hawai‘i Rules of Professional Conduct
    [Desk KFH529.5 S98 A3]

  3. Rules of the Disciplinary Board
    [Desk KFH529.5 D57 A3]

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Selected Forms:

  1. American Jurisprudence Pleading and Practice Forms
    [KF8836 A45]
    Subject Heading: Attorneys-at-Law, §154-231

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Secondary Sources


  1. American Jurisprudence, 2d
    [KF154 A42]
    Subject Heading: Attorneys, §201-238

  2. Corpus Juris Secundum
    [KF154 C81]
    Subject Heading: Attorney & Client, §283-343


  1. ABA/BNA Lawyers’ Manual on Professional Conduct
    [RefRm KF305 A8]
    Available at: SCLL, 2d, 3d, 5th

  2. Attorney Malpractice: Law & Procedure
    [RefRm KF313 M46]
    Available at: SCLL, 2d, 3d, 5th

  3. Criminal Defense Ethics, 2d
    [KF306 B91]
    Available at: SCLL, 2d, K, 5th

  4. Law of Lawyering
    [KF306 H33]
    Available at: SCLL

  5. Legal Malpractice
    [KF313 M29]
    Available at: SCLL, 2d, 3d, 5th

  6. Professional Responsibility in Criminal Defense Practice
    [KF306 H14 2005]
    Available at: SCLL

  7. Restatement of the Law Third: The Law Governing Lawyers
    [KF311 M45]

Finding Aids/Indexes:

  1. Hawaii Digest
    [KFH57 H31]
    Topic:                         Key Numbers:
    Attorney & Client       105-115

  2. LegalTrac
    (Electronic periodical database)
    Search subject term: Legal Malpractice

  3. Hawai‘i CARD Network
    (Includes Hawai‘i State Law Libraries' holdings)
    Keyword: Legal Malpractice

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Agencies & Organizations

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Internet Resources

Disclaimer: The sites listed below have been found to be useful when conducting legal research on the Internet. The Hawai‘i State Law Library System has no control over these web sites and does not guarantee or assume any liability for the accuracy, relevance, currency, or completeness of the information.

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Electronic Resources

These resources are available for public use at the Hawai‘i State Law Libraries at no charge. Printing is 15¢ per page.

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