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Hawaii Real Property Reference Guide

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This reference guide identifies selected sources on Hawaii Real Property. Resources listed in this guide are available at all of the court libraries in the Hawai‘i State Law Library System, unless otherwise noted. This finding aid is not exhaustive, and is meant to be used as a starting point for research on this topic.

Note: The information in brackets [ ] indicates the call number. SCLL=Supreme Court Law Library on O‘ahu, 2d=Maui, 3d=Hilo, K=Kona, 5th=Kaua‘i
The Library staff is prohibited by law from giving legal advice. Please consult an attorney if you need such services.

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Primary Sources (Laws, Ordinances, Rules, Cases)


  1. Chapters 501-526 – Property, in:

    Hawaii Revised Statutes
    [KFH30 1993 A22]

    Hawaii Revised Statutes Annotated
    Michie's [KFH30 A4]
    West's [KFH30 A42]

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  1. Rules of the Land Court, Hawai‘i Rules of Court
    [DESK KFH529 A2 2004]

  2. Hawai‘i Court Rules, State and Federal
    West Pub. Co., 1989+.
    [DESK KFH529 W52]

  3. Court rules annotated
    Michie Co., 1988-1998; LEXIS Law Pub., 1998+. 2 v.
    [DESK KFH30 A4 Rules]

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Secondary Sources


  1. Chanin, John A. + Gillmor, John P. + Rose, Crystal K. + Rudy, Michael D.
    Advanced real estate law in Hawaii.
    National Business Institute, 1991. 145 p.
    [KFH112 A38 1991]
    Available at: SCLL, 2d, 3d

  2. Rose, Crystal K. + Schneider, Robert F.
    Basic real estate law in Hawaii.
    National Business Institute, 1991. 302 p.
    [KFH126 B29 1991]
    Available at: SCLL

  3. Gube, Jerrold K. + Kuwaye, Naomi U. + Yesk, Michael.
    Real estate law: advanced issues and answers.
    National Business Institute, February 2008. 227 p.
    [RefRm KFH112 G82 2008]
    Available at: SCLL

  4. Bays, A. Bernard + Flores, Paul E. + Holma, Karin L. + Pelt, Kent D. + Wagnild, Craig P.
    How to obtain good title in Hawaii real estate transactions.
    National Business Institute, 2005. 113 p.
    [RefRm KFH126 B34]

  5. Holma, Karin L. + Sofos, Stephany L. + Wagnild, Craig P.
    How to litigate claims of undisclosed defects in real estate transactions in Hawaii.
    National Business Institute, 2003. 162 p.
    [RefRm KFH126 H83 2003]
    Available at: SCLL, 2d, 3d, 5th

  6. Au, Marjorie C. Y. + Harrison, Christopher T. + Kido, Grace Nihei + Yuen, Leighton, co-editors.
    Hawaii conveyance manual, 5th ed.
    Hawaii State Bar Association, 2010. 1 v.
    [DESK KFH127 H39 2010]

  7. Hawaii real estate law manual.
    Hawaii State Bar Association, 2008. 4 v.
    [RefRm KFH126 H33 2008]
    Available at: SCLL, 2d, 3d, 5th

  8. Chun, Deborah Macer + Hazlett, Mark A. + Pear, Charles E., Jr.
    Hawaii commercial real estate manual.
    Hawaii Institute for Continuing Legal Education, 1988. 1 v.
    [RefRm KFH126 H31]

  9. Current issues in commercial real estate leasing in Hawaii.
    National Business Institute, 1994. 127 p.
    [KFH117.3 C94 1994]
    Available at: SCLL

  10. Alston, Paul D. + Beasley, Oscar H. + Hulbert, Neil F. + Samsonas, Lui J.
    Hawaii real estate title law: problems and solutions.
    National Business Institute, Inc., 1997. 448 p.
    [KFH126 H37 1997]
    Available at: SCLL, 2d, 3d, 5th

  11. Freed, Michael L. + Grekin, Nancy N. + Magarifuji, Jon H. + Modafferi, Gary A. + Stirling, Thomas L., Jr. + Tius, Susan.
    Landing on the right foot manual.(contains a chapter on real property)
    Hawaii Institute for Continuing Legal Education, 1997. 1 v.
    [RefRm KFH77 F87]
    Available at: SCLL, 2d, 3d, 5th

  12. Goodin, Charles C. + Jeffus, Joy.
    The Hawaii DROA wordbook: how to write successful real estate contracts.
    Crossroads Press, 1988. 328 p.
    [RefRm KFH126 G61]
    Available at: SCLL

  13. Reilly, John + Earle, Jacqueline L. S.
    The language of real estate in Hawaii.
    Honolulu, 1975. 472 p.
    [KFH112 R27]
    Available at: SCLL, 3d

  14. Lucas, Paul F. Nahoa.
    Dictionary of Hawaiian legal land terms.
    Native Hawaiian Legal Corp., 1995. 177 p.
    [RefRm KFH126 A68 D56]
    Available at: SCLL

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Electronic Resources

These resources are available for public use at the Hawai‘i State Law Libraries at no charge. Printing is 15˘ per page.

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